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Auerswald - COMpact 3000 VoIP telefoncentral

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Lots of convenience – low costs. With its new COMpact 3000 series for home office, small businesses and private homes, Auerswald shows that a small PBX system can be both versatile and powerful. The installation of a COMpact 3000 is a child’s play to begin with. Clearly arranged and easy to access plugs allow a quick and simple installation and set-up of the system via Plug & Phone whereas the individual configuration is made easily using the web interface on a computer.

A small system for all your demands. Even in their basic configuration, four analog extensions, one system telephone directory for up to 400 entries, a central voicemail and fax system with an automatic notification function via e-mail, RSS feed and call are impressive. The integrated CTI support allowing you to call your clients, customers or friends directly out of Microsoft OutLook, the connection possibility for USB printer, SD card or USB memory stick are included as well as a LAN port for the integration into an existing network. The state-of-the-art PCB design and smart energy management function ensure its power consumption is always kept at a minimum – protecting our environment and saving you money!

When requirements are growing these systems show how big they really are. Design your own system! If you need two additional analog extensions, or want to connect a system or ISDN telephone, simply expand your COMpact 3000 with a 2a/b or S0 card. And that’s not all: two additional VoIP channels are easily activated with a release code, which you can use flexibly for external internet telephony or for internal IP telephony. Via your DSL connection you can make worldwide phone calls to other VoIP subscribers for free* or you can use your home network for the connection of an IP convenience phone like our system telephone COMfortel VoIP 2500 AB . The COMpact 3000 VoIP offers 2 VoIP channels already in its basic setup.

* depending on your provider

COMpact 3000 analog, ISDN or VoIP? COMpact 3000 analog and ISDN differ only by their trunk lines, the classical analog or ISDN connection. The COMpact 3000 VoIP has been developed purely for IP telephony. Additionally this system can be used as remote PBX but as well as VoIP gateway or media converter for existing telephone systems. Either way: a perfect solution.


  • Kompakt 3000 highlights:
    • Expansion with analog or ISDN subscribers
    • 2 additional VoIP channels by release code, with wideband audio quality (High Definition)
    • System telephony with ISDN and IP terminals out of the COMfortel series
    • Central voicemail and faxbox function for 6 subscribers, message forwarding via e-mail, notification by RSS feed and call
    • LAN port for the integration into an existing network
    • Computer Telephony Integration in the network, for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS (Third Party CTI, LAN TAPI)
    • USB 2.0 for the connection of a printer or strage device, shared usage via LAN
    • Storage of voicemail and fax contents on an optional SD card or USB memory
    • Energy saving mode (Eco mode)
    • Web interface for the configuration of the system under Windows, Mac OS X
  • Exclusively for COMpact 3000 VoIP:
    • 2 VoIP channels in the basic setup (usable without release code), flexible switchable internal/external
    • VoIP with wideband audio (High Definition)
    • VoIP traffic shaper for Quality of Service (QoS)
    • 2 LAN ports for the integration into an existing network and the connection of IP telephones
    • 2 x USB 2.0 for the connection of a printer and a storage device, shared use via LAN
    • Can be used as VoIP Gateway, e.g. to connect analog and ISDN telephones to a VoIP PBX or as remote system for home offices and subsidiaries
  • Expansions for the module slot:
    • Kompakt 2a/b Module : expansion module with 2 additional analog subscribers
    • Kompakt S0 Module: expansion module for internal ISDN subscribers
  • Options releasable for COMpact 3000 analog | ISDN | VoIP:
    • VoIP channels (2 additional channels with wideband audio, High Definition, flexibly switchable external/internal), 2 channels in the basic setup of COMpact 3000 VoIP
    • LAN-TAPI (4 additional LAN-TAPI subscribers), 4 included
    • X.31 on the internal S0 port (X,25 in the D channel); exclusively for COMpact 3000 ISDN
  • Optimised for the system:
    • ISDN system telephony with COMfortel 1100, COMfortel 1500, COMfortel 2500 and COMfortel 2500 AB
    • IP system telephony with COMfortel VoIP 2500 AB
    • Cordless system telephony with COMfortel DECT 900
  • Kompakt 3000 VoIP with AskoziaPBX:
    • The COMpact 3000 VoIP can be operated with an alternative firmware for the realisation of individual demands and functions*. On www.askozia.com a ready-to-use firmware image of the AskoziaPBX, based on Asterisk, is available for free download (Open Source). * Produktgarantien dækker dog kun ved opsætning med original firmware fra Auerswald.
  • Special solutions with COMpact 3000:
    • Mainly the COMpact 3000 systems are modern telephone systems with a multitude of professional features. Nevertheless they can be used in the same way as gateway, media converter or central voicemail system within existing installations.

    Tekniske detaljer:

    • Kompakt 3000, alle typer:
    • Forsyningsspænding: 230V ± 10 %, 50 Hz, Ekstern netadapter med Euro-stik (medfølger)
    • External memory: SD/SDHC card (32 gigabyte maks.) or USB flash drive
    • Module slot: 1 slot for COMpact S0 or 2a/b Module
    • Housing: Plastic, chassis with cover and snap-on lid
    • Størrelse (B x H x D) 240 x 240 x 58,4mm
    • Vægt: ca. 750g (system uden moduler), netadapter: 100g
    • Godkendelsesstandarder: CE
  • Specifikt for COMpact 3000 VOIP:
    • Strømforbrug *: 3W min., 18W maks.
    • Kommunikationslinjer:
      • Op to 4 VoIP kanaler 1 (SIP acc. to RFC 3261), PTMP or PTP connection (SIP trunking) VoIP codecs trunk line* G.722, G.711, G.726, iLBC
      • Analoge porte: For op til 6 enheder, symmetrical, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable (FSK) område of the analog subscriber ports 2 x 50 Ohm, approx. 790 m at Ø0,6mm Internal S0 port* 1 S0 port, point-to-multipoint connection (PTMP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1) område of the internal S0 port approx. 150 m VoIP subscribers* up to. 2 VoIP channels (SIP acc. to RFC 3261) VoIP codecs internal* G.722, G.711, G.726, iLBC PC connection 2 port Ethernet switch, 10/100Base-T (10/100 Mbit/s, twisted pair), full/half duplex, auto negotiation Printer and memory connection 2 USB host ports V2.0


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