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Delivery Methods and Fares

All online orders are packed and shipped from our central warehouse in Struer. We deliver to all Danish customers and to customers in all EU countries as well as Norway, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Delivery alternatives. We offer three GLS package shipping methods: GLS packageshop (max. 20kg.), GLS business package (max. 30kg for business) and GLS private package (max 30kg home to you). Orders weighing over 30 kg. Shipped with freighter or in several GLS packages, if this is possible and cheaper. You choose your delivery method before approving your order.

Freight charges. Shipping Charges. Below are our current freight charges for various combinations of delivery methods, shipping weight and recipient country.

GLS freight fees in DKK incl. VAT:
Weight GLS ShopDelivery GLS
GLS PrivateDelivery
0-1 kg. Kr. 55,- Kr. 60,- Kr. 75,-
1-5 kg. Kr. 59,- Kr. 65,- Kr. 79,-
5-10 kg. Kr. 69,- Kr. 69,- Kr. 85,-
10-15 kg. Kr. 79,- Kr. 79,- Kr. 100,-
15-20 kg. Kr. 89,- Kr. 89,- Kr. 115,-
20-30 kg.   Kr. 99,- Kr. 139,-
Max. package length for GLS packages is 1.5 meters. Items with a length of more than 1.5m are sent as freight by carrier. Freight carrier shipping fee incl. VAT:
Volume (weight) Carrier
General cargo (0-30 kg.) Kr. 295,-
Half pallet (30-90 kg.) Kr. 495,-
Whole pallet (Over 90 kg.) Kr. 745,-

The GLS shipping fee is incl. customs clearance. GLS Shipping and handling fees in DKK excl. VAT:
Weight GLS parcel  
0-1 kg. Kr. 259,-  
2-20 kg. Kr. 299,-  
20-30 kg. Kr. 379,-  

Freight fees in DKK incl. VAT:
Weight GLS ShopDelivery GLS EuroBusiness parcel
0-1 kg. Kr. 99,- Kr. 99,-
1-5 kg. Kr. 109,- Kr. 109,-
5-10 kg. Kr. 119,- Kr. 119,-
10-15 kg. Kr. 395,- Kr. 395,-
15-20 kg. Kr. 495,- Kr. 495,-
20-25 kg.   kr. 695,-
25-30 kg.   kr. 895,-

Greenland og The Farao Islands:
Note that we deduct the VAT amount before we invoice and ship to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The shipping fee is incl. customs clearance. Shipping and handling fees in DKK excl. VAT:
Weight PostNord letter (not insured) GLS parcel (insured)
0-250g Kr. 72,-  
0-1 kg.   Kr. 288,-
1-5 kg.   Kr. 316,-
5-10 kg.   Kr. 356,-
10-20 kg.   Kr. 516,-
20-30 kg.   Kr. 796,-

All other EU countries (and world):
Freight fees in DKK incl. VAT:
Weight GLS parcel (insured> PostNord Mail (uninsured)
0-1 kg. Kr. 195,- Kr. 99,-
0-5 kg. Kr. 245,-  
5-10 kg. Kr. 345,-  
10-20 kg. Kr. 445,-  
20-30 kg. Kr. 595,-  

(Last updated April. 12, 2023).